About Partner4Better


Partner4Better (P4B) is a global outreach program that is designed to empower healthcare professionals (HCPs) to deliver better patient outcomes through relevant educational content. P4B offers on-line learning modules on a variety of topics with easy access on multiple devices. This initiative is sponsored by Pfizer Medical Information (a non-promotional arm of Pfizer Inc.).

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Medical Information

Understand the role of Medical Information and how it empowers healthcare decisions on the safe and appropriate use of Pfizer Medicines.

Counterfeit Medicines

Learn about the growing threat of counterfeit medicines globally and how to identify them.

Literature Search

Discover how to best search the medical literature by learning from trained Medical Information colleagues.

Medication Adherence

Explore reasons for lack of medication adherence, understand impact on health, and learn how to improve it.

Health Literacy

Uncover the burden of low health literacy and acquire tips to improve health literacy in patients.

Antimicrobial Resistance

Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest public health challenges of our time. Learn about the growing risk of antimicrobial resistance and how you can play a role in the strategies to reduce AMR.

Medical Writing

Learn about Medical Writing including summarizing clinical studies, meta-analyses, case reports and writing abstracts and posters.

Communications in Healthcare Settings

Learn about the common communication gaps in the healthcare industry and how you can effectively bridge that gap by simple measures like learning the 7 C's of communications.

Real World Evidence

Examine how Real World Data (RWD ) is generated and applied in the healthcare environment